Blantyre and Yao Women - Now Available!

blantyre and yawo women by rosemary argente

Blantyre and Yawo Women – Second Edition

(first edition under title "Always With You - A Malawi Legacy") A Biography/autobiography on and of the Yawo, a clan of Malawi, in eastern southern…

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the veil by rosemary argente

The Veil – Second Edition (Academic Version)

Two babies, Moses and Jesus are destined to a Tabernacle...the first to its construction by the Israelite on Mount Sinai during the Exodus in the…

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praying mantis by rosemary argente

Praying Mantis

Based on fact is this tale of greed and deception...the practice of sorcery as a means to wealth and fame. She targets wealthy old men…

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the promised land by rosemary argente

The Promised Land – Companion to The Veil

A description of the construction of the Tabernacle, collapsible temple as a meeting house for prayer, built by the Israelite according to Moshe’s vision on…

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difference by rosemary argente


A sociological study of most cultures, regardless of rank, as humans sharing a common planet... how Western European ideals influenced other cultures...the consequence of increased…

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farewell to the aeroplane by rosemary argente

Farewell to the Aeroplane

Farewell to the Aeroplane A story of the redundancy of the aeroplane replaced by instantaneous 'decomposition-recomposition’ that would completely change life as we had known…

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a british throne scandal by rosemary argente

A British Throne Scandal

The scandal shook the British Throne when a prince of the House of Windsor wished to marry a baroness born on 15 January 1885 in…

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share the ride by rosemary argente

Share The Ride

A tale of the development of the different makes of the motor vehicle...the leading inventors of the different parts and make of the motor…

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home from home by rosemary argente

Home From Home

Home From Home is about Bolton and around Lancashire, from earlier times to the present told in photographs...a record of the author’s happy memories of…

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farewell sophomore by rosemary argente

Farewell Sophomore

A tragedy set in Dundee, Scotland, at the time of the rise of the mature student in a European Union within the university student…

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all mine to have by rosemary argente

All Mine to Have

A tragedy set in the Town and Gown of the Oxford of the 1980s during the property market slump...the mortgage and it's fictitious ownership of…

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broken temple by rosemary argente

Broken Temple

A tribute to the United Kingdom National Health Service (NHS) in it's related Departments and particular a highly sympathetic account of the Community Rehabilitation…

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caesar and mapanga homestead by rosemary argente

Caesar and Mapanga Homestead – Second edition

A story with photographs on a homestead farm told through Caesar, a dog, man's best friend...from the moment he arrived as a puppy he resolved…

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enduring fountain by rosemary argente

Enduring Fountain – Health and Well-being, Second edition

This little booklet is packed with information on how to harness good health and a youthful existence, based upon the lifestyle we lead...aimed to aid…

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katherine of the wheel by rosemary argente

Katherine of the Wheel – Second edition

“Yes, my Katherine, I will take you to the seat of the intellectual world”, Costus cradles his baby daughter, a few days old...she is the…

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journey of discovery by rosemary argente

Journey of Discovery

A pictorial narrative of Kacha Walo (as nicknamed by Granny) on her journey of she learns by mimicking what is happening around she…

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cooking with asaina by rosemary argente

Cooking With Asaina

The reader is invited to quick and easy recipes that were once possible only in Malawi because of the availability of local ingredients...which are now…

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essays and poetry by rosemary argente

Essays and Poetry

The Island of aCiwalila and other essays Obsessed by the belief that some of his ancestors had crossed Lake Nyasa towards the west to set…

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the stream of memory by rosemary argente

The Stream of Memory

Rahima's story began at the end, with Rahima passing on in her twilight years at a well-managed home...on a very special day she took her…

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the place beyond by rosemary argente

The Place Beyond

The Place Beyond is about the author’s dream of Jesus when she was eight and the influence of that dream throughout her life...dreams and premonitions…

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